Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connect
Author Stefan Heymann

> We use Firebird in a local network, with fixed IP, without problems
> - The server`s IP is, mask

> But, we decided to change our internet conexion, from radio to ADSL,
> and now we have to use automatic IPs. After this change, we can`t
> connect with the server.

Your local network is most probably connected to the Internet via a
router and still has an internal IP address scheme like

The subnet mask for this network address range is, not Maybe that's just the problem.

A server must have a static IP address so it can be found by the
clients. It must at least have a fixed host name. So if it's not the
subnet mask address issue from above, try giving the server *name* in
the database connection string instead of the server's IP address.


Best Regards


Stefan Heymann, Tübingen, Germany