Subject Re: Problem with UDF
Author markd_mms
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> Do you commit the transaction after executing the statement declaring
> the function? It's at least plausible that the EMS utility is
> showing you the work of a single uncommitted transaction...if you
> shut down that app and restart it, do you still see it in the
> function list? What about if you declare a function (anything you
> like) from ib_udf?

Yes I'm committing the transaction. In EMSs case it doesn't give me an
option (I'm guessing it does it implicitly after adding the UDF) but
in isql I add the UDF then do an explicit commit and it's still a no show.

> And - please pardon me if I'm insulting your expertise - you do
> understand that UDFs are declared in the database in which they are
> to be used, right? i.e., it won't work to declare the UDF in one
> database and then try to invoke it in another...

You're pardoned :-) I'm most definately adding it to the database that
I'm trying to use it in.