Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problem with UDF
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:53 PM 27/09/2007, you wrote:
>--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> > What it says - it can't find the module or, if it's finding the
> > module, it can't find the entrypoint for the function. The
> > declaration looks OK, so use isql SHOW FUNCTIONS to confirm that the
> > declaration is committed. It's possibly just a case of not having
> > all the ducks lined up, viz.
>Hi Helen,
>I dropped it and added it again using EMS IB Manager and isql. Under
>UDFs in EMS Manager it does list it but using SHOW FUNCTIONS under
>isql it doesn't. Stopping and starting the server doesn't make a
>difference - EMS still lists it and isql doesn't.

If one of them is wrong, trust isql. Stopping and starting the
server won't make any difference: it's in the database where
function declarations are made.

>Any ideas?

Do you commit the transaction after executing the statement declaring
the function? It's at least plausible that the EMS utility is
showing you the work of a single uncommitted transaction...if you
shut down that app and restart it, do you still see it in the
function list? What about if you declare a function (anything you
like) from ib_udf?

And - please pardon me if I'm insulting your expertise - you do
understand that UDFs are declared in the database in which they are
to be used, right? i.e., it won't work to declare the UDF in one
database and then try to invoke it in another...