Subject Re: Cross-compiling Firebird for SH4
Author gio_online

Is there anyone out there who knows how to cross-compile firebird for
SH4 ( I have been trying
so much already but still didn't work out... so desperate.

This may be out of this loop but since the database is not really the
focus of my project right now, I will be willing to pay someone who
can help me cross-compile firebird superserver for SH4 (using sh-
linux) having minimal installed files.


--- In, "Fabrice Aeschbacher"
<fabrice.aeschbacher@...> wrote:
> > 1. Can Firebird be cross-compiled?
> No, Firebird can not be cross-compiled for now with the current
> Makefiles. Anyway, with some pain, it is possible to do it manually -
> but for this, you will need to take some time to read all Makefiles
> and try to understand how they work.
> Best regards,
> fabrice Aeschbacher