Subject Can't delete closed database
Author Richard Wesley
I have a test suite which creates a database (using the embedded
server), adds some tables and data, indexes some columns (some of
which fail and are rolled back), closes the connection and tries to
delete the database with isc_drop_database.

The drop fails with the following message:

14:47:44.195: --- FB Error
14:47:44.195: Status: 335544351
14:47:44.195: unsuccessful metadata update
14:47:44.195: -object DATABASE is in use

I have no connections open to the database except the one being used
to delete it (I know this because all access is mediated by C++
wrapper objects and the count is 0.) but I cannot delete the file,
so SOMEONE is keeping it open.

It seems an odd message to get when deleting a database from a new
connection. FB version is "WI-V2.0.1.12855 Firebird 2.0". Anyone
know what is going on?

Richard Wesley Senior Software Developer Tableau