Subject IBSurgeon announces Firebird and Fast Reports Tour'2007
Author dkuzmenko
Dear colleagues,

IBSurgeon ( is glad to inform you about series of FREE
technical seminars, which will be done in close partnership with
IBPhoenix ( and Fast Report (

Seminar will be devoted to the following topics:
- new features and abilities of Firebird 2.1 and further versions,
- corruption fighting and Firebird database protection,
- Firebird performance and hardware optimization,
- Reporting and business intelligence with Firebird and Fast Report

First 2 seminars will take place
- in Paris, France, October 30, with Mandriva Linux,
- in Prague, Czech Republic, November 9.

At these events you'll meet real gurus of Firebird and Fast Report:
- core developers of Firebird Dmitry Yemanov (Prague) and Vlad Khosrun
- CEO of IBSurgeon Dmitry Kuzmenko (optimization and recovery)
- CEO of Fast Reports Michael Philippenko (reporting and business

In Paris special speakers will be Paul Beach, President of Firebird
Foundation and IBPhoenix CEO, and Philippe Makowski, Vice-President of
Firebird Foundation and consultant IBPhoenix France.

In Prague special report will be presented by Pavel Cizar, IBPhoenix
Czech Republic.

You can find more details here:

Paris, France, 30 October:

Prague, Czech Republic, November 9:

Seats are limited, please register now!

Next seminars will be announced in Poland and Russia - stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,
Dmitry Kuzmenko,
CEO IBSurgeon