Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird, ODBC, web access and various beginner questions
Author Thomas Løcke
federonline wrote:
> I've had no issues with the ODBC Drivers for Firebird. Using
> ODBC/ADO/etc adds quite a bit of overhead, but if your application is
> trim enough, it shouldn't matter.
What version of the ODBC driver are you using?

> PHP on Apache is what we use to access our DB. It is solid and we've
> never had an issue. The Firebird/Interbase functions are all ready in
> PHP and only need to be configured.
Grand! Are you using the regular Firebird/Interbase functions or the new
PDO stuff?

> Others can answer this better than I can, but I use Classic even on
> Windows. Classic spawns a new executable for each request while
> SuperServer spawns threads. SS will be better for managing resources
> on Windows systems. Classic is the old UNIX fork methodology...
Yea, Classic sounds like the way to go for a multicore Linux system.

> Not necessarily. Our applications acquire time sensitive data and
> purge that data regularly after a couple days. Our DBs run from
> 50-200M. We run on a 1.0 GHz Via processor with 512M RAM and have
> never had a single performance related issue. Understand that there
> are VERY few applications/services running on our system; it is
> basically Windows Embedded.
I wont be running anything else than Firebird on this server, so all
available resources are for Firebird alone to have fun with. Seeing as
my DB's are quite small, I should have no problems with 1GB RAM.