Subject Re: [firebird-support] Full Text Searching for Firebird 2?
Author Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB)
If you use Delphi, take a look at Rubicon ( You can
test its speed searching the millions of messages from the newsgroups
indexed in Tamaracka site;

PS: Tamaracka base is currently using InterBase, but I assume the
results would be the same with FB.

FireBase -

Z> Hi guys!

Z> I'm developing a document management system and I need to provide
Z> full text search among documents.

Z> In order to accomplish this, I'm storing the content of each
Z> document in plain text format in a BLOB
Z> field of a Firebird table.

Z> The question is, as I have heard Firebird doesn't have full text searching capabilities.

Z> Which is the best third party solution for this?

Z> Here are a few I've found, but none of them seems perfect. Does
Z> anyone have any experience with these
Z> or maybe another solution?


Z> Thanks!