Subject isql exit code changed since 1.5.1
Author Fabrice Aeschbacher

[Firebird v1.5.4 Superserver Linux]

To create the database, I am using a Makefile like follows:

$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i domains.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i udf.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i tables.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i views.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i indexes.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i procs.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i triggers.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i grants.sql
$(ISQL) $(DATABASE) $(ISQL_FLAGS) -i datas.sql

The problem is that exit code of isql seem to have changed since
v1.5.1: using the same scripts, isql now returns exit code=1 (was: 0
in 1.5.1), which of course is stopping 'make' immediately
after 'domains.sql' (even if the script WAS run successfully).

Can someone point me to a description of the new exit code for isql?

Best regards,
Fabrice Aeschbacher