Subject Re: algorythm for BIG RED BUTTON
Author Adam
> Any further comments, if any, should be focused on actually answering
> the OP's request. Anyone opposed to the request on moral or legal
> grounds ought to simply refrain from responding to it.

Respectfully Dan, I disagree with your assertion about simply not
making comments about illegal activities.

IANAL, but the Firebird-Support group is hosted by Yahoo, and as such
we, the participants are bound by the Yahoo terms and services.
(also linked at the bottom of every message in this list)

You agree that Yahoo! may, under certain circumstances and without
prior notice, immediately terminate your Yahoo! account, any
associated email address, and access to the Service. Cause for such
termination shall include, but not be limited to,

<snip />

(g) engagement by you in fraudulent or illegal activities

This would surely have implications to the OP who has made it very
clear that the purpose of their question is to hide illegal activities.

I do not know how what Yahoo's interpretation is of someone who
provides support to one who has made known to the supporter that this
information will be used for illegal activities, but it is not a risk
I would take even if I wasn't morally opposed to it.