Subject GBAK slow over TCP/IP
Author btrumba

I have problem with GBAK when using connection string as
'localhost/3050:C:\myDb.fdb' it takes much longer to make backup, but
when you look in file manager while backup file is in creation, you
will see that it grows fast until 90%, then it takes few minutes to
finish last 10%.
Database is 100Mb size. I takes 3-4 minutes for backup.
When you connect directly ('C:\myDb.fdb'), backup is almost instant
GBAK is executed on same machine where server is (Windows 2003). I
must use 'localhost/3050' coz I have 4 Firebird services
(3051,3052,3053, 3054) on that machine.
I was testing database with gfix (sweep and validate), and I turned
off garbage collection (-g), but nothing changed.

I'm aware that backup over TCP/IP will take longer, but it takes too
long compared to 'direct' backup. Now I was testing on my XP machine
and it is much faster then on Windows Server 2003.

Do you have any knowledge on how to speed up gbak over TCP, or this
issue may be connected to the Windows Server 2003?
BTW, Windows Server 2003 is not domain controller.