Subject Repost: segfault on arithmetic overflow (1.5+AMD64+Ubuntu)
Author wobbleian
Apologies for the repost, but it's been a month and nobody has
commented, and in the mean time I've found a reference in the
firebird-devel archives.

We are running a built-from-source Firebird Classic LI-V1.5.3.4870
[with Debian patches] on a Ubuntu 7.04 AMD64 server.

Instead of the "Arithmetic overflow/string truncation" error message
we get an fb_inet_server segfault.

All other errors are fine.

Previously from firebird-devel:

> Subject: [Firebird-devel] firebird 1.5.2 and amd64
> From: Daniel Urban
> Date: 2005-04-27 16:22:52
> Hi,
> Is anybody using firebird on amd64 linux system?
> I've compiled fb 1.5.2 on linux debian amd64 and I'm getting server
> abnormally termination instead of "string truncation" error.
> Anybody has/had the same problem?
> Maybe I should set something to compile firebird on this system?
> Or set something to don't compile this using 64 bit?

> With regards
> Daniel Urban

Daniel didn't get a solution from the thread.

Is this something best asked on Firebird-devel?