Subject Re: NULL Date values
Author jeff_j_dunlap
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<grand.brun.63@...> wrote:
> ora4udf
> proposes TO_CHARD UDF functions that treats NULL values as expected
> with FB2 (Windows only)
> Regards
> PAscal

Thanks! I replaced the rfunc.dll with the one for Udf4ORA and I
added the declarations and you're right, TO_CHARD handles NULL values
as expected by returning an empty string!

In my database, I still have all of the rfunc declarations and
commented out the declarations in your .sql file such as ABS, CEIL,

Also, I commented the creation of the DUAL table and the
ALL_CONS_COLUMNS view since I won't be needing it (I think).

Finally, I commented out all of the constraints at the bottom of
the .sql file.

Please let me know if what I did is OK?

Best Regards,