Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Detect Firebird Server Type
Author Helen Borrie
>At 08:35 AM 12/09/2007, Matthias Burbach wrote:
> > > gbak -b -se [ServerName]:service_mgr
> > > [DBFileName]
> > > [BackupFileName]
> > > -user [UserName] -password [Password]
> >Oh, I see. The example of using the [ServerName] infront of both comes
> >straight from Helen Borrie's Firebird book on page 829.

At 08:50 AM 12/09/2007, Helen Borrie wrote:

>You have found a new Erratum! Sorry for that. I will update the
>Errata at the publisher's website and in the Firebird 2 Supplement

Oh, I just checked the Errata and this one was already caught earlier
and corrected in later printings.

I notice that Apress no longer provides a link to the Errata. If you
don't have the Firebird 2 Supplement, which includes details of all
the Errata, you can download the latest file here: