Subject Re: Detect Firebird Server Type
Author Mathias Burbach
Alan wrote:
> if you're using the service manager prefix, don't prefix the DB file
> with the hostname
> gbak -b -se [ServerName]:service_mgr
> [DBFileName]
> [BackupFileName]
> -user [UserName] -password [Password]
Oh, I see. The example of using the [ServerName] infront of both comes
straight from Helen Borrie's Firebird book on page 829. I will test it
with *your* syntax on my notebook & desktop using Super Server in a

> This works fine on SS, Does this OK on classic?
Yep, the version with [ServerName] infront of both works fine for
Classic Server.

I'll get back to you in a minute regarding the test with [ServerName]
only infront of :service_mgr. Thanks!