Subject RE: [firebird-support] Multithreaded Database
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi, i want to ask you guys, is firebird support multithreaded query?
> I mean, can i run 2 or more query at the same time?
> How can i do that?
> I have a problem, that one of my query took so long to retreive data,
> there are a lot of data needed to retreived, image 2 years of data
> using fb15, and my other client, need to query other data, but my
> application cannot run the second query, and need to complete the
> first query.
> Well i need to know is firebird support running more than 1 query
> simultaneausly, and how can i do that. Thx
> --
> Iwan Cahyadi Sugeng

if you have a long running query (e.g. report) and you do not wish these
kinds of queries to hold up normal traffic, then there are 3 suggestions:
1. Use separate threads in your app which use different connections against
2. Use classic server instead of SS since each connection runs it's own
server instance instead of SS where each connection runs in a different
3. Replicate your DB so you can use another copy/server for long running