Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: NULL Date values
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Jeff,

> At this point, my FB/SQL knowledge is very low. I want to have a
> better handle on what is going on with NULL dates before checking
> with the vendor. Also, the most recent rFunc version is dated 2003
> and thanks to some docs Paul V. directed me to, I am beginning to
> think that the rFunc problems I am experiencing may be due to the
> way FB2 handles NULL data.

When it comes to passing arguments to UDFs, Fb2's default behaviour is
the same as that of 1.0 and 1.5. So this particular problem would have
been the same in those older versions. Lots of UDFs - including quite
a few that that ship with Firebird - don't handle NULL correctly. (And
often *can't* handle NULL correctly, because in many cases the engine
passes NULLs as zeroes to the function.)

Firebird 2 comes with a slight improvement in this area, but only if
you "turn it on" explicitly in the function declaration. It's designed
that way in order not to break existing code.

Paul Vinkenoog