Subject Re: How do i come up with a lightweight firebird in stripped linux?
Author Milan Babuskov
--- gio_online wrote:
> I am trying to use Firebird in a Stripped Linux OS.

I haven't been able to find Stripped Linux using either Google or
Distrowatch. If it is a distribution tell us where to find more info
about it. If it is not a distribution, why did you write Stripped with
capital S?

Anyway, without knowing what is actually stripped, it's not easy to
help you. Some stripped distros I know don't even have GNU libc, but
use some 99% compatible alternatives. Also, on most of them, you won't
even find libstdc++, in which case it might be better to compile a
'stripped' c++ library for the system on your own and then compile
Firebird against it (so you don't need to have multiple copies of
libstdc++ in memory).

> There
> is only very very limited space available for the database
> in my disk.

Could you be a little bit more precise regarding 'very very limited
space'? How much is it? Also, how much memory you have?

> Is there any steps I should do (internet site) or
> installer where I can get the lightweight Firebird version
> for Linux?

Depending on your setup, Classic might be good. But SuperServer is
also a viable option, esp. if your stripped version doesn't include

> How do i get the basic Firebird codes?

If you mean "the source code", you can get it at the Firebird website
in download section.

> I only need the very basic database functionality of Firebird
> that can still be accessed by a remote client program.

How many remote clients simultaneously?

Milan Babuskov