Subject Re: [firebird-support] How do i come up with a lightweight firebird in stripped linux?
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:21 PM 10/09/2007, you wrote:
>I am trying to use Firebird in a Stripped Linux OS. There
>is only very very limited space available for the database
>in my disk. I've been searching so many times from the
>internet but I have not reached to an answer.

There's nothing special about a minimal install. Just open up the
tarball kit for Classic and follow the installation script
instructions in the release notes. You can strip down what the
installation scripts install as you wish. The Classic server itself
is < 2 Mb and you'll need a few other files such as firebird.msg. If
you need non-ascii language support you'll need to include the icu*
libraries. Presumably you won't want any of the command-line
utilities, docs, examples, etc., and maybe not the external function libraries.

You will need to have xinetd installed and running.

>Is there any steps I should do (internet site)

release notes, ch. 16, start at p.117.

>installer where I can get the lightweight Firebird version
>for Linux?

The real "lightweight" model is embedded but it's for local access
only, i.e., you could use that if your clients are web browsers
accessing a server-based application tier.

>How do i get the basic Firebird codes?

???? What basic Firebird codes ????

>I only need the very basic database functionality of Firebird that can
>still be accessed by a remote client program.

Classic is the slimmest but, depending on how many concurrent clients
you expect, it is not necessarily the most economical on RAM.

If disk space is limited, your biggest concerns will be with files
that are going to grow - the database file and the log file. The
database file won't get smaller if you delete records.