Subject RE: [firebird-support] backup times
Author Leyne, Sean

> I have two databases on a server in a co-lo facility that I backup
> nightly to our office.
> Database A is approximately 600MB in size.
> Database B is approximately 40MB in size.
> The times for the backups are:
> Database A approximately 6 hours
> Database B approximately 15 hours
> Both backup scripts use the -g switch for the gbak. I am running
> Firebird 2.0.12855 (Classic) on both machines (Windows 2003 on both).

Something is most definitely wrong with the server hardware!

The numbers make no sense; Database A should backup in 15 minutes and B
in 1 (at the absolute worst)!!!

(I just backed up a 553MB database on my desktop in 2 min 41 sec).