Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Should updates be this slow?
Author Anderson Farias

> I have Helen's book, and I've been reading about them.

Triggers are great, but be aware they can make updates/inserts significantly
slower depending on the code you write, thats why I asked.

> The customers of this machine can't be expected to know anything
> about computers, or databases, or how many cores they have in their
> machines.

In this case, if your application is a Client/Server multi-user app I would
go with Classic always! SS is too slow on SMP boxes (in this scenario) and
Classic is still good on single processor machines.

> Is it possible I'm still running SuperServer?

I donĀ“t think so

> Is there a way to find out which server I'm using?

check task manager for a process called fbserver.exe (SS) or
fb_inet_server.exe (Classic)

> While my machine is modest, it's actually an HP Media Center PC,
> for under the desk. I can understand why you would think it's a
> notebook from the specs I provided. :)

I think your machine it's just fine (I have done deployments on quite older
and "smaller" ones)
X2 is a AMD mobile technology, that's why I supposed it was a laptop =)

> Thanks