Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Should updates be this slow?
Author Alan McDonald
> I want a case insensitive collation that will place all
> non-alpha characters before alpha characters. I'm not too
> concerned where numbers are, as long as they are in order
> and proceed alphas.

sounds like all you need to do is add a calculated column filled by a
trigger with the result UPPER(name)
and index this column and order by it when selecting.
I'm not up on the state of UTF8 but yes the create table statement will need
to include the collations - RTFM(?) Helen's book.
You're sure you want to use UTF8? why not distribute a UTF8 when the need
really arises?

> Alexandre Benson Smith suggested I try PT_BR, but I can't
> find a chart that shows me the collation order. Do the
> alphas follow all non-alphas?
> What does the column definition look like in the CREATE
> There are different collations, so there must be methods
> to define them. Is this something a mortal can do? Or is
> this a task only for the Firebird Gods?
> The contact person's name might change, but it would be
> uncommon.
> I'd prefer to never re-index the sort order, and if
> random names are entered, I don't think I'd ever have to.
> The default charset for the database is UTF8. I like the
> potential this offers for internationalizing the application.
> Though the immediate audience will be English speakers.
> Again, and again and again, I do appreciate your advice.
> And yes, my approach may be wacky. Help me see the light.
> Thanks