Subject Re: error while restoring fb2 database
Author Adam
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> > > There is blob parameters and local variables, especially in
> procedures.
> > > In addition, I can recreate the database under FB1.5 with the
> > > extracted metadata from FB2. Using ibexpert, I verified that the 2
> > > databases are identical (database comparer).
> > > Do you
> > >
> >
> > Do you know any way to trace gbak activity, some kind of meta-debugger
> > to determine witch object caused the error ?
> >
> > thank you all for your help.
> >
> I finally isolated the metadata causing the gbak error: as expected by
> Ivan Prenosil, it's a stored procedure like this:
> set term ^ ;
> create procedure SP_TESTBLOB (id_in integer, blob_in blob)
> returns (id_out integer, blob_out blob) as
> begin suspend; end^
> set term ; ^
> The error occurs even if such proc is the only object in the database.
> So what does it mean ? Is blob blr encoding has changed between ODS
> 10.5 and ODS11?

There must be some difference. I certainly wasn't aware of it. Your
question of 'how to downgrade to 1.5 from 2' has been raised many
times in this list, and I have never seen anyone mention blob fields
as a consideration.

Perhaps using a data pumping tool would simplify things. You mentioned
in an earlier post that you had generated an empty 1.5 database with
the same structure from SQL scripts.

There are many tools that can copy databases (or particular fields in
particular tables). I have used InterbaseDataPump, FBExport and FBCopy
for various related tasks. Perhaps one of these tools could save you
the headache of downgrading?