Subject Re: error while restoring fb2 database
Author mohamed.banaouas
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> > There is blob parameters and local variables, especially in
> > In addition, I can recreate the database under FB1.5 with the
> > extracted metadata from FB2. Using ibexpert, I verified that the 2
> > databases are identical (database comparer).
> > Do you
> >
> Do you know any way to trace gbak activity, some kind of meta-debugger
> to determine witch object caused the error ?
> thank you all for your help.
I finally isolated the metadata causing the gbak error: as expected by
Ivan Prenosil, it's a stored procedure like this:

set term ^ ;
create procedure SP_TESTBLOB (id_in integer, blob_in blob)
returns (id_out integer, blob_out blob) as
begin suspend; end^
set term ; ^

The error occurs even if such proc is the only object in the database.

So what does it mean ? Is blob blr encoding has changed between ODS
10.5 and ODS11?