Subject current_user ID
Author Maxim Evdokimov
Hello Firebird,

sorry for my english ... if it bad :)

1. I need to provide in client login to FB 2.0 server with name in my native
2. I need to fill one column with some setting, that would be able
to be displayed as a real name of current user (in my native collation).

I have table 'workers', that consists of real names etc.

How can connect this table with the table of users of a DB.

- is it possible to get information from security DB? (i write to
this column current_user and when displaying - get information from
security table, which contains real names).

- is it possible get ID of current user and update
table 'workers' when user added to security DB (when user added - in
'workers' created new row with user id and his name)

Best regards,
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