Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: error while restoring fb2 database
Author Helen Borrie
Adam wrote:
> > downgrade the on disk structure (ODS), you need to make sure that all
> > of your DDL is compatible with the lower version of Firebird, then use
> > the lower version of gbak against the newer server to generate your
> > backup file.
> >
> > Adam
> >

At 04:35 PM 3/09/2007, mohamed.banaouas wrote:

>I added -i switch and this is the output:
>gbak: restoring privilege for user SYSDBA
>gbak: restoring privilege for user SYSDBA
>gbak: restoring privilege for user SYSDBA
>gbak: creating indexes
>gbak: ERROR: invalid request BLR at offset 249
>gbak: ERROR: data operation not supported
>gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
>One way to locate the "incompatible" index is to review last metadata
>modification scripts. But it could be helpfull if gbak was able to say
>where exactly it's wrong.

Re-read Adam's advice. To put it more clearly, you cannot downgrade
a v.2.0 database once you have created objects that are not supported
by the older version. In this case you have created some indexes.

If you wish to revert this database to v.1.5, drop the new indexes
plus any other new objects you have created. Then, in the running
v.2.0 server, temporarily rename the gbak executable, then copy the
gbak executable from v.1.5 into the Firebird 2 bin directory. Use
*this* gbak to make a transportable backup of the cleaned-up
database. You will then have a backup that you can restore under v.1.5.