Subject Re: "Mysterious" data loss
Author Salim Naufal
Are you using NBAK? Maybe the changes to the database are written to a
different file?


--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
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> kjuib999 wrote:
> >
> >
> > I checked the generators on the 2 databases I have and it seems that
> > the generators have been set back (The generators correspond the ID
> > the last record)
> > If that is the case... how could a firebird act just fine until the
> > connection is lost... wouldn't there be write issues?
> I haven't kept track of what operating system you're using, but on
> some OS's, it's possible to replace a file while it's open. Access
> continues to the old file until it is closed. The next time the
> file is opened, you get the replacement version.
> If your generators are being set back, then it's not a transaction
> problem. It's almost certainly the file system doing you a favor.
> Regards,
> Ann