Subject RE: [firebird-support] record updation slowdown
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Sounds like one or more long running transaction (that is, if my guess that 'sweep gap' means the difference between next transaction and one of the oldest transactions before shutting down your computer), i.e. there are transactions somewhere started a long time ago that hasn't committed or rolled back yet.

The only way to solve this (that I know of) is to check your code and make sure you commit sufficiently frequently. That may involve committing or rolling back automatically if a user opens something and then leaves it open.

Of course, you may also write to a separate table (using a separate transaction) every time you open or close a transaction so that it is easier for you in the future to identify the runaway transactions and possibly the program and even area of code that opened the troublesome transaction (depending on how much you record in your 'housekeeping' table and how good control you have over the database), but I guess it is quite some bit of work to do this on existing applications.


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Subject: [firebird-support] record updation slowdown


I have a database with size 2GB, running under linux platform with
firebird 1.5 SS. My server has not shutdown for a long period. There is
a problem coming during long run, updation of some particular record
getting slowdown(especialy for particular field eg. Quantity). There
will be a lot of transactions with these type of records compared to
others. This problem getting solved when i reboot my machine/shutdown
my database. When i looking in to header information. i found there a
big sweep gap. so i have run a sweep command, then the sweep gap became
low. But my problem not solved till. I have tried to update these
records with dbedit tools also(eg ibExpert) there also i can see the
delay for updation. Any command/tool to identiy and solve the exact
problem ?

Manoj Bhaskaran