Subject RE: [firebird-support] How to copy the data wit hin FDB's without changing the schema
Author Domain Lee
you wrote:
> I am trying to copy the data in an existing FDB to another FDB.
> The database schema varies for both the databases.
> Please suggest me any tool which copies the data into the destination
> FDB, with out changing the schema.
> Also consider if the source FDB has some data in the columns.
> If that particular columns doesnot exist in the destination FDB, then
> what will be the behavior of the tool?


kfb->Tools->Append Table Data (single)
kfb->Tools->Append Table Data (all)

Append Table Data (single) suits your purpose as it will copy/append table data from one source table to one destination table. In the Tools Applet you can also choose which column(s) to copy/append. It is NOT neccessary that the source table/column must have the SAME name with the destination table/column, but the two columns src->dest MUST have exactly the SAME datatype/ definition.

Append Table Data (all) will copy/append ALL tables in the source database to ALL tables in the destination database, one by one, in one go. No need to say ALL src->dest tables MUST have exactly the SAME definitions, and you cannot choose which columns to copy and which not to, since kfb will copy/append automatically from the very first column to the very last column, without stop.

If the source table has a column which does NOT exist in the destination table,
kfb->DDLs->Tables->Alter Table to add a new column in the dest table, then the above steps,
kfb->Tools->Copy/Create Table Structure. You can create a new (empty) table in the dest database exactly the SAME as the source. then simply copy the whole table over.
kfb->Views->Create View (from table), then
kfb->Tools->ViewToTable to change a View to a table, with FULL view data

There are many choises, only you know which will suit yours the best.


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