Subject Re: How to check if Firebird is running ?
Author mariofb123
I am trying to check the DBToggler application in:

but unfortunately all I get is "Problem Loading page..."
Is there an alternative way to access the above code/application?
Thank you very much for your help.

> > I am using Firebird 2.0.1 with Delphi 7 application.
> > I need to check from within the application code if Firebird
> > server is currently running. How to do that ?
> >
> > Also, a related question:
> > How to stop the Firebird running from within the Delphi application
> > (programmatically) ? What run commands need to be issued?
> See the InterBase and Firebird Coexistance project on sourceforge:
> The DBToggler application has examples of controlling FB (both running
> as a service and an application) as well as detecting if the
> service/application is running..etc Written in Delphi, not sure if
> it'll work with D7 as we're now on CodeGear 2007 but it will certainly
> point you in the right direction.