Subject Re: [firebird-support] Utilities link on Linux CS. How does they access to remote database ?
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:36 AM 30/08/2007, Meiji wrote:
>I am a newbie for FB Linux CS. I used 'ldd' command on Linux and
>it says FB utilities link For example gbak (on FB 1.5.4)
>ldd gbak
> => (0x005e9000)
> => /usr/lib/ (0x00110000)
>I understand the gbak use under local database access.

Yes, when you access a database locally with the Classic server, the
"client" part of accesses the database directly (as a
file) by way of the server that is embedded in the library, i.e., it
does not work through an instance of the fb_inet_server executable,
as remote clients do.

So - when an instance of gbak wants to access a database locally, it

>But we use gbak in order to access a remote database via network.
>In that case, how does gbak access to it ?

In that case, the gbak client at your calling machine is only passing
a request to the Service Manager code at the remote server. The
remote Service Manager will make the actual connection and execute
the backup, using code that is embedded in the engine. (The code
that the Service Manager executes is the same code that is deployed
in the gbak executable.)

> have a capability of accessing to remote database ? or
>gbak load dynamically and use it ?

You *can* make a local loopback connection using, in
which case the direct connection to the embedded server code is not
used, but instead a fb_inet_server process will be created by xinetd.

Theoretically, the client part of should be able to do
a connection to a remote server, provided of course that the local
Linux user has the required permissions to create the remote backup
file. I remember that it didn't work in the past and you needed to
extract and the "remotable" versions of the utilities
from the SS tarball...maybe this has changed with more recent
distributions - why not try it out?