Subject 回覆: [firebird-support] Removing NOT NULL fr om a domain
Author Domain Lee
"vojtech.jasny" <vojtech.jasny@...> : Hello,

you wrote
>I have created a not null domain. I would now like to alter this
>domain and remove the not null constraint. This is not supported by
>alter in firebird and I haven't been able to find a solution even
>through extensive googling. Is there any sort of workaround for this?
>Any suggestions how to remove the constraint without much hassle?

First try Helen Borreie's method, this is a classic way, and asured to work.

If you are working on Linux, you can try
kfb->DDLs->Domains->Alter Domain->Add/Drop NOT NULL

It is only a click away to Add/Drop NOT NULL to/from a Domain, WITHOUT touching any data in your table--data is kept and un-changed, but Domain definition changed.


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