Subject Performance issue
Author Tetram Corp

I'm facing a performance issue I'm not able to solve.

Laptops are under Windows XP, with a FB1.5.4 installed on each one.
Our application use IBO4.3 with a connection string like:\etc\etc\db.fdb
(So each application run in standalone context but not embedded)

All works well..... except on one computer.

With this computer, fetch time, execute time (even prepare time) are
slower about 10 times. So, depending of the number of needed requests,
some action in the application which should take about some ms, takes
some seconds with this computer.

This laptop is the newest we have.

No service/application seems to use up 100% CPU.

I tried this:
- check for database corruption (I did a backup/restore, and a
validation with mend)
- change CpuAffinityMask
- deactivate one Core by BIOS (it's a dual core, and there's no
- deactivate recovery system
- check for no shadowing
- change the connection string to use the computer name
- change the connection string to a localhost connection (so neither ip
address nor computer name)

connecting from another computer to this laptop: all works well
connecting from this laptop to another computer: all works well

I even put a vmware on the laptop: all works well in many uses (connect
from vmware, to vmware, all inside the vmware)

I tried also with latests IBO release (4.8.6), but does not change
anything. (Even, seems much slower than IBO 4.3 but I suspect I need to
rewrite some code)

Please, heeeeeelp i'm lost :-)