Subject Performance issue
Author onder_cz
I just transfered my application data from IB to FB and performance
is increased about 300% - great(and thanks to FB team). So, I did
some performance testing, and here are some result.

Database restored from gbk, first using IB, second using FB
1.5.1. Used our app.with complicated report with very complex selects.

IB, Windows 2000 Profesional - overall time - 115 seconds
FB 1.5.1 SS, Windows 2000 Profesional - overall time - 27 seconds
FB 1.5.1 CS, Mandrake 10 - overall time - 12 seconds !!!

As you can see, times are great, and I have only one question - the
difference between W2000 and Linux - is this normal?

HW configuration: P4 2,6GHz, HyperThreading disabled, 512MB RAM,
Seagate 80GB.

Thanks, and keep on.