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Thank you your help is appreciated.
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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] OBDC configuration

wesley_hale wrote:
> I am the infrastructure engineer and assisting someone in configuring
> connectivity for the firebird database. I am new to this product and
> don't know anything about it. The current configuration is that we have
> a one web server in our DMZ and the one database server on our internal
> lan.

As a starting point, the firewall rules should allow it.

> Both servers are in different workgroups. I am pretty sure that I
> need the obdc connection between both servers,

Only if the connection is trough ODBC, a Firebird connection could be
native ones (PHP, Delphi, C/C++, etc.) that has some libs that uses the
fbclient.dll/gds32.dll or a Java or .Net driver that implements the wire
protocol itself and does not uses fbclient.dll/gds32.dll.

If the client app uses ODBC as connectivity layer than the ODBC driver
should be installed and configured in the client machne (the one in your

> but does it matter which
> server holds the obdc configuration.

As said above, the DBC driver must be installed and configured on the
client machine

> I also know that port 3050 is used
> to communication between the front-end web server and backend database.

good. so you know you should allow int in your firewall rules

> How do I configure the fron-end web server to connect to the internal
> database? Any assistance is truly appreciated.

The first thing to know is:
Which kind of client application do you have.

The connection is made trough connections strings, for a tcp/ip one
shoul dbe something like:



If the client application uses ODBC as a connectivity layer, in the ODBC
configuration window there is a property called "Database" in that field
you should put your connection string.

> Thank You

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
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