Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT - kinterbasdb
Author Werner F. Bruhin

Pavel Cisar wrote:
> Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
>> No one has as yet stepped forward to take the project over on the
>> kinterbasdb lists, so I allow myself (just a "little" user of
>> kinterbasdb and Firebird) to post here in the hope that there is someone
>> on this list who would be interested in taken such a project on.
> Besides that KInterbasDB is important project for Python and Firebird
> users, it's a key part of Firebird QA infrastructure, so don't worry, it
> WILL be developed. Unfortunately, we're not familiar with the code
> enough to step forward yet, so we're waiting whether someone more apt to
> the task will show up. If nobody will take over the project in a month
> or so, we'll adopt it into Firebird Project.
It is good to hear that IBPhoenix would step up to it if necessary.
But you should understand
> that it may take a while before we'll be up to speed with the
> KInterbasDB development
I think anyone will understand that it will take time to take over a
project like this.
and we may drop support for InterBase if we
> wouldn't get external support for it.
I can understand this too.

best regards