Subject Re: [firebird-support] OT - kinterbasdb
Author Pavel Cisar
Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
> No one has as yet stepped forward to take the project over on the
> kinterbasdb lists, so I allow myself (just a "little" user of
> kinterbasdb and Firebird) to post here in the hope that there is someone
> on this list who would be interested in taken such a project on.

Besides that KInterbasDB is important project for Python and Firebird
users, it's a key part of Firebird QA infrastructure, so don't worry, it
WILL be developed. Unfortunately, we're not familiar with the code
enough to step forward yet, so we're waiting whether someone more apt to
the task will show up. If nobody will take over the project in a month
or so, we'll adopt it into Firebird Project. But you should understand
that it may take a while before we'll be up to speed with the
KInterbasDB development and we may drop support for InterBase if we
wouldn't get external support for it.

best regards
Pavel Cisar