Subject Migration from Firebird 1.0.2/WIN1252 to Firebird 2.0.1/UTF8
Author intermoves

perhaps you could give us a hint to one of the following questions
that are related to a migration project from Firebird 1.0.2 with
WIN1252 to Firebird 2.0.1 (Embedded Server) and UTF8.

A far a I can see it, this task can be decomposed into two steps:

1. A migration from Firebird 1.0.2 to Firebird 2.0.1

We have a product that is delivered to the customers and
therefore we need an automatic update process.
I tried some line of codes using the JayBird FBBackupManager
addressing a the Firebird 2.0.1 Embedded Server to
backup the Firebird 1.0.2 database-Files and to
restore them and it seems to work.
Is this a reasonable way to do it?

2. A convertion of the data encoded in WIN1252 (including
some BLOB fields) to UTF8.

In this list I found a hint to decompose this into two steps:

a) create a database with the default character set UTF8

This could be done with the JayBird FBManager and an update
statement to set the database.

UPDATE rdb$database SET rdb$character_set_name='UFT8'

b) and to pump the data out of the database with WIN1252 and
and into the data of the database created under a)

For the task b) I had a look at three tools

* The FBExport - utility:
For this command line tool each table has to
exported individually by specifying an own select - statement.
Does someone have experiences with this tool when
migrating between different character sets?

* The EMS Data Pump 2006 for InterBase and Firebird
This tool requires an OLE DB Provider and does not
support UTF-8 just UNICODE_FSS

* The Interbase DataPump v 3.5s1
This version does not support UTF-8, just UNICODE_FSS. And there
is no official support for Firebird 2.x.

Which way would you advice to go?

With kind regards