Subject Re: [firebird-support] Having error when using Embedded, not full server
Author Chuck Belanger
Thanks, Helen for your insight into why it may have seemed to work with
the full server but not the embedded.

I will pursue your suggestions. I didn't know about instclient.exe. BTW,
I'm using IBO, not the most recent. I think about 4.5.

Somehow, I started to get the error when running full server when I had
changed over to using the local gds32.dll, but in my confusion left the
full server still on. I had thought I managed to get the embedded
working with the Delphi IDE, which was not the case. Once getting the
error, I saw the issue right away, and yes, it was an error in
assignment to a parameter in the SQL (one was a select the other delete).

So, I can stop scratching my head and leave what hair I have, alone.