Subject Running Firebird with a non-admin user (Windows)
Author Thomas Kellerer
Hi all,

I had some trouble running Firebird with a non-admin user and I wanted
to share the solution. Maybe this is something that could be included
in the quick start or FAQ.

I installed Firebird into %ProgramFiles% (only writeable with Admin
user rights) from the ZIP distribution and the engine started fine.
I could even connect (having the .fdb file outside the Firebird

But when I tried to create a new user using GSEC I got the infamous
"could not connect to database" message - which is covered by the
quick start guide, but in this case the reason was plain simple:

The error was caused by the fact that the user account under which
Firebird is running did not have the rights to write to security2.fdb.

So after changing the permissions for that file, everything was
working fine.
The permissions for firebird.log needed to be changed as well IIRC.

The quick start guide lists several potential problems in the chapter
"User management: gsec", I think this problem should be added there as

If I had installed Firebird using the installer, would that have set
the permissions correctly?