Author Helen Borrie
Hello List,

Today I caught up with the thread about the off-site FAQ in this list
and I must INSIST that you move it to firebird-general. Even
*announcements* of any sort, other than official ones from the
Firebird Project, are off-topic here, never mind turning that
off-topic incursion into a thread that threatens to drown the genuine
business of the list.

Winning the Best User Support Oscar for 2007 didn't happen because
our normally excellent list discipline and content relevance occur by
magic. It takes time and effort, that at least some of us consider
worthwhile, and a corresponding willingness for list subscribers to
show consideration.

I HATE having to put list members under moderation or, worse,
imposing the three-strikes rule and banning you. I really have a lot
more productive things to be going on with.

^ heLen
Lists Admin and Resident ^Witch