Subject Re: [firebird-support] website is launched
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello David, Milan and Simona,

> Anyway, the big news is that we launched the Firebird FAQ website, at:

I'm impressed - the site looks VERY good and is rich in content. Congratulations! But why didn't you try to realize this on the main Firebird website? We're always *begging* for people to help with the website and with documentation tasks. Right now we have the official Firebird FAQ page at, with around 30 questions and only one person to maintain it (namely, the person who does all the tasks around the project that others don't have time for, don't think of, or whatever).

Your FAQ site is great, but it's a pity that the results of our efforts are once again scattered across different websites instead of combined at one well-publicized, easily accessible location.

Speaking strictly on personal title and not on behalf of the project: How would you feel about merging the contents of the two FAQ collections (either on or on your current location) and making the result the official Firebird FAQ? I think Firebird needs better web presence and better documentation - including the best FAQ collection possible. That's why I hope we can come to one rich, combined set of FAQ pages. Still, this is only _my_ opinion; other project members may or may not agree with it.

(BTW, if this idea leads to a discussion we better take it off firebird-support and to firebird-website or firebird-docs)

> I you think we should post this announcement to some other mailing list, please tell.

Firebird-general also looks like a good idea to me.
Meanwhile I've given you a link on the "Other Firebird documentation sites" page:

Paul Vinkenoog