Subject nbackup and archiveable
Author Tom Miller
With the new IB 2007 incremental back up, it really does incremental
shadowing. Useful in many cases, but as a pure backup and archival
system, not that good. The directory structure must be exactly the same
when you try to use the "backup" on another machine. I understand the
limitation of nbackup requiring the same operating system type and DB
Engine version. I would love to see the operating system requirement
fixed, but that is for another day.

My question is the directory structure. If I where to take a weeks
worth of incremental backups (with the full backup), zip them up and
stick them out on some archival drive, when I come back to restore the
db, so I have to put them in the exact same file / folder structure.

Let say server A has a /fbdata directory and server B has a
/opt/firebird/database directory. Any problems for seen with backing
up on server A and then restoring on server B?


Tom Miller