Subject RE: [firebird-support] SortMemBlockSize/SortMemUpperLimit settings
Author Leyne, Sean

> FB 1.5 on a W2003 server with 2GIG RAM - we are having performance
> issues and am wondering if there is their any benefit of increasing
> SortMemBlockSize or SortMemUpperLimit parameters in firebird.conf. I
> have read the "book" but want to understand the implications a bit
> better . We normally have about 70 user logged on and believe it is
> excessive reporting that is the culprit

The real source of your performance problem is the fact that Superserver
engine (in FB v1.x and 2.0 -- FB v2.1 has had more work done on the
scheduler) does a lousy (v1.x) or poor (v2.0) job of "time-slicing"
between a larger number active connections.

You should investigate the Classic engine, it is:

- much fairer in responding to requests from multiple connections
- the only current solution which provides any SMP (multi-processor)


P.S. Please remember to change the database cache settings when using
Classic (vs. SuperServer)