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Hi Sasha,

I feel better than updating , Do Multiple selects in a query and delete the existing record from the table and append this query to the table i feel this will be faster . Please be carefull to uses all key fields properly.


Delete from Testtable ;( cond if any);

Select TestID , (Select Testname From TestNameMaster where Testnamemater.ID=TestMaster.TestIID) As Name,
(Select Testname From TestNameMaster where Testnamemater.ID=TestMaster.TestIID) As Type,
(Select TestDuration From TestDurationMaster where TestDurationmater.ID=TestMaster.TestIID) As Duration,
(Select TestStartDate From TestStartDate where TestStartDate.ID=TestMaster.TestIID) As StartDate,
From TestMaster

I found such a move to faster . Hope this Eg meets ur requirement .

Good Luck

Niegil Thomas

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From: sasha
Sent: Monday, 20 August, 2007 4:51 PM
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] update from select

> I must be Monday morning stupids but I cannot remember/find
> the syntax to update one table from another when there are
> multiple fields involved.
> I got "update table1 set field1 = (select field2 from table2
> where ...)" but I have about 12 fields involved.
> Could someone more awake please post an example or pointer to
> one, thanks
update table1 set
field1 = (select fileld2 from table2 where...),
field2 = (select field3 from table2 where...),
where table1...

Mondays can be awful :)


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