Subject "aliases.conf" access problem under Windows Vista
Author ove.bjerregaard
I have an application that can make new entries in aliases.conf.

This is not possible under Windows Vista, as the application does not
have write permission to the "Program Files" folder, unless the user
starts the application with "Run as Administrator".

This is a general Microsoft access limitation, and all documentation
from Microsoft suggest that the correct thing to do is to put all
static files (.exe, .dll etc.) in the "Program Files" folder, and all
other files in the "Users\AppData" folder.

It is possible to change the firebird.conf, so the Firebird server
looks for the alises.conf file in a different location, but if this
location is in the users "AppData" folder, this file will not be
available for other users of the computer.

So if I want to have one, central, single aliases.conf file for all
users of the computer, where should I put it, and how should I do this?

Anybody with any ideas???