Subject Similar data - common table ?
Author ygboro

I have a question about database design and hope to ask here. I need
to save data about impulses and responses to those impulses. Data
about impuls is very similar to data of a response. Each response can
exist only as tight to at least one impuls. Relation between impulses
and responses is a one-to-many type where one response can belong to
more impulses.

Is it ok store similar data (impulses and responses) as rows in a
common table and distinguish them through one column e.g. Activity =
'I' or 'R' ? Is this a good design ? Or is it better to store them in
separate table ?

I thought about primary key being a sequence from generator. In case
of using common table would this be an unhealthy dependancy for part
of a row data being dependent on something else then primary key ?