Subject Re: Starting Firebird Database -- Issues
Author nathanmoonman
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 03:15 PM 13/08/2007, you wrote:
> > > With Classic, an instance of the server is created when you make a
> > > successful request to connect to a database. That means, of course,
> > > that you need to have a database. Thus, there is nothing to check
> > > until there is actually a server instance running.
> > >
> > > So - to proceed - tell us the name of the database file and where it
> > > is located (its file path on the host machine and whether it is on
> > > the same host machine as the client application).
> > >
> > > ./heLen
> > >
> >
> >Yes, the data file is on the same machine as the client application
> >(Avg Antivirus Network Server) and is located at
> >/opt/grisoft/avgtcpsrv/var/datacenter/avgdb.fdb
> There are two ways to connect to a database with Classic on Linux.
> One is a "direct connect" to the database file itself using the
> client, which has a server embedded in it. In this
> case, make sure that the Linux user that wants to connect has the
> required OS privileges. The connection string is just exactly the
> path as you have it above.
> The other is a client/server connection via xinetd. The RPM
> installer will have put the necessary pieces in place but what it
> *won't* do is install and start xinetd. If you don't find it
> running, you'll need to start it, or install it if need be. If an
> xinetd connection is being used, the application will have prepended
> "localhost:" (without the quotes) to the path and it may be necessary
> for you to configure localhost in the /etc/hosts file, viz. an entry
> localhost
> Still trying to read between the lines, but should we assume that the
> purpose of installing Firebird was to provide the back-end to Grisoft
> AVG? If so, it's fairly likely that the app is set up to use the
> direct connect method. In that case, your main problem might arise
> where the user that is running the AVG software doesn't have the
> required OS privileges. Another might arise if the application uses
> its own Firebird user id and password: that would need to be set up
> in the security database, using the gsec utility.
> So tell us what kind of error you are getting when the AVG
> application attempts to connect. If you are getting more than one,
> tell us all of them, in order of occurrence.
> ./heLen

Thanks. I have created a username in gsec called AVG_USER.
[root@****** bin]# ./gsec
GSEC> di
user name uid gid full name
SYSDBA 0 0 Sql Server Administrator
[root@********* bin]#

I have also setup the username in avgtcpsrvd.conf (The conf file for
AVG server)

The error I get when I start the server is as follows:
2007-08-13 16:01:45,087 *********.******* [020312:63925136]
WARN 000 AVG7.TCPSV.DC.FBConn ! FireBird database error: Unable to
complete network request to host "localhost". Failed to establish a
connection. Connection refused"

Hope that helps, Thanks again for your help :)
-- Nathan