Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Starting Firebird Database -- Issues
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:15 PM 13/08/2007, you wrote:

> > With Classic, an instance of the server is created when you make a
> > successful request to connect to a database. That means, of course,
> > that you need to have a database. Thus, there is nothing to check
> > until there is actually a server instance running.
> >
> > So - to proceed - tell us the name of the database file and where it
> > is located (its file path on the host machine and whether it is on
> > the same host machine as the client application).
> >
> > ./heLen
> >
>Yes, the data file is on the same machine as the client application
>(Avg Antivirus Network Server) and is located at

There are two ways to connect to a database with Classic on Linux.

One is a "direct connect" to the database file itself using the
client, which has a server embedded in it. In this
case, make sure that the Linux user that wants to connect has the
required OS privileges. The connection string is just exactly the
path as you have it above.

The other is a client/server connection via xinetd. The RPM
installer will have put the necessary pieces in place but what it
*won't* do is install and start xinetd. If you don't find it
running, you'll need to start it, or install it if need be. If an
xinetd connection is being used, the application will have prepended
"localhost:" (without the quotes) to the path and it may be necessary
for you to configure localhost in the /etc/hosts file, viz. an entry like: localhost

Still trying to read between the lines, but should we assume that the
purpose of installing Firebird was to provide the back-end to Grisoft
AVG? If so, it's fairly likely that the app is set up to use the
direct connect method. In that case, your main problem might arise
where the user that is running the AVG software doesn't have the
required OS privileges. Another might arise if the application uses
its own Firebird user id and password: that would need to be set up
in the security database, using the gsec utility.

So tell us what kind of error you are getting when the AVG
application attempts to connect. If you are getting more than one,
tell us all of them, in order of occurrence.