Subject Re: [firebird-support] Permission problem under Windows Vista
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:32 AM 10/08/2007, you wrote:
>I installed Firebird 1.5 under Windows Vista and wrote a little Delphi
>program that runs a query (with FIBPlus components)
>against a database table on that server. Unfortunately I am getting the
>following error:
>"No permission for read-write access to database xxx.fdb"
>I am fairly new to Vista so it might be a beginner's mistake. I gave
>full access to xxx.fdb but I am still getting this error.
>I don't know if it's a Vista or a Firebird problem

The exception is coming from Firebird: Vista has no knowledge that
xxx.fdb is a database.

It *is* a database privileges error (335544352 |no_priv|No permission
for %s access to %s %s) but I must say it's a strange exception to
get at database level. One interpretation of your opening statement
is that your program tries to query a table without connecting to the
database first. That is a "no can do".

It's also a bit of a mystery why it isn't returning the full path to
the it possible that you omitted that from your
connection string? Don't make the mistake of assuming that the
server can find the database file somehow because it happens to be in
the same directory as the client application....this is only going to
be possible if you're using Embedded. (But that's still not going to
throw a privileges exception.)

Have you checked the file attributes of the database file in case it
is set to read-only? This would be the case if you transported the
database as a file via CD.

Are you able to connect to the database using isql? If so, do a SHOW
DATABASE and check the attributes at the end, in case it is a
read-only database (which is different from a database file which is
read-only!) If that's the case then a Delphi app won't be able to
open anything in a read/write transaction.

>but anyway I am
>completely despaired since I haven't found a solution. Hopefully anyone
>of you can share some experience with a similar problem so I might be
>able to solve that issue.

Always in problems with connections it is pointless to ask for help
if you don't provide the crucial information about your
connection: access path, protocol, etc., and other essential
information like which server model you're using.